Orbis Access
Launched in 2015, Orbis Access was created to make it simple for everyone to invest over the long term. Part of Orbis Investments, a hugely successful fund manager with over 25 years and around £15 billion under management, Orbis Access allows people to invest online for as little as a pound and only charges a fee if their funds beat their benchmark.

I worked on the design direction of the brand, the product, the launch campaign and help developed the brand strategy and value proposition.
Discovery Phase
Defining Brand Values and Visual Language
With mistrust for financial services at an all-time high, gaining the trust of the target audience is vital. Via workshops with the client and brand strategists, we refined the value proposition and defined the brand’s behavioural language along the way.
We validated our hypothetical proposition and brand value with testing sessions, iteratively attuning the emotional connection to our target audience.
We refined their value proposition down to a  sentence:
"If we don't beat the market, you don't pay us"
This created a clear guiding strategic purpose, which is to make an unfair system fair for everyone.
To achieve fairness and make the brand accessible to everyone, we made sure that abstract financial concepts were communicated clearly and succinctly, relentlessly de-jargoning, without sacrificing detail.
Design Phase
Logo and Visual Language
Taking our brand values and visual language as principles, we began to design the logo and the overarching brand design language
We experimented with various combinations or shapes and colours, then concluded with a simple mark that conveys openness that also subtly resembles the letter 'a'. A fresh lime green colour was chosen to signify progressiveness.
Gradually a comprehensive brand guideline was developed over the course of two years alongside product development progress.
Design Phase
Product Design
The product design process took more than two years with multiple major iterations in response to the ever-evolving value proposition. Working closely with Orbis Access' product team, we focused our efforts on transforming key moments that convey the most emotional value, such as onboarding and common transaction processes.
Brand Launch Campaign
Snap Out Of It
The launch campaign confronts people with repetition and routine, then challenges people to look beyond this blinkered, day-to-day view of life and start thinking forward.
Through repetition of everyday objects, the print campaign triggers memories of the daily grind, nudging people to make a change.
Delivery and Outcome
Product Launch
The product was designed to be user-centric and mobile-first. Condensing complex financial information down on mobile in an accessible format was one the biggest challenges we overcame. We also built an investment learning section into the product, further strengthening the brand's positioning in making investing accessible for everyone.
The product has been soft-launched and initial feedback has been very positive. Below are some quotes the client sent through from their pool of feedback:
"I appreciate how user-friendly it is, even on a mobile browser. It just flows really well."
"It looks pretty cool and is easy to use. I like the aesthetics also. It’s nice and clean which allows people who don’t know much about investing not to be put off by more corporate images. Overall I think it looks great."
"Wow, there is a lot to the site. I like it. It is easy to follow and even I could figure things out."