Super Resize Me
A simple browser based game featuring a surprising game mechanic of resizing a browser. The project was featured on Chrome Experiment and Fast Co.Design.
Mastering the skill of browser resizing
Started as an in-joke among my designer and developer friends, I wondered if the act of resizing a browser could be mastered as a skill. This inspired the thought of making game out of browser resizing.
Upon landing, players are confronted with a sparse screen with a coloured box, a diagonal line and minimum instructions - nothing more, nothing less.
The game automatically begins as soon as players started to resize their browser windows
The diagonal line serves as both a timer and a visual guide. The coloured box indicates the target window size. Colour change and sound effects signifies progress.
Constantly changing aspect ratio of the UI caused disorientation, which was overcome by subtle animations and call to action.
We decided to keep instructions to bare minimum hoping players will felt a sense of delight and achievement when they manage to decipher the game mechanic. A simple animated GIF does the job just fine.
The game was featured on Chrome Experiment, The Next Web, various design portals, as well as a rather flattering article on Fast Co.Design discussing Fritz Law, which we had no intention of referencing at all.