The Plant
An ongoing graphic novel project. An abandoned industrial robot was granted life again by a tiny seed. By his side was his only friend, who wasn't as lucky as he was. He embarked on a long journey to find another life granting seed, hoping to revive his friend.
Character Development
A life granting seed
How does it feel when a lifeless robot becomes conscious that it is alive? This is the first question me and my friends tried to answer.
I explored the concept from various perspectives, trying to immerse myself into the world of the story, whilst conceptualising it at the same time. I first started with the main characters, Tin and Scalette.
Once I understood them better, I was able to simplify the expressions of their forms down to simple shapes. Removing excessive details, focusing solely on the emotional qualities like facial expressions and gestures.
Environment Development
A long journey
Where would Tin needs to go in order to find the life granting seed? From a lifeless industrial world to the life giving but harsh world of nature, we imagined a world of contrasting environments.
As I developed the world further, I learned that apart from the characters, the environments also convey strong emotions. This allowed me to simplify and abstract the characters further.